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    LEAN and Vital Health Coaching
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    I love doing what I do because I have been able to heal my own body from chronic illness and age in reverse, and I love helping other people find the energy that they need to live a vibrant life, and protect their immune systems. When I learned about the power of food to heal the human body I felt like it was a calling, or a moral and ethical obligation to share that same education with other people. I see so many people suffering from less than great health, and they have no idea that making a few simple changes can have a profound impact on the way they feel and how they live their lives every day!
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    I am a wife of 29 years to an amazingly supportive husband, and a mom to two beautiful and amazing adult daughters, 25 and 23 years old respectively. I have volunteered for many organizations, and two that are very near and dear to my heart right now are the Alzheimer's Association for whom I am a community educator, and the Centerville Noon Optimists who do great work for children in the area. I am also very partial to Casa and was the Board of Directors president for casa of McHenry county and served on the board for six years helping to find abused and neglected children safe and permanent homes.
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    Health and Wellness/Nutrition
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    Certified Health Coach
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    I love traveling, doing yoga and riding my Peloton, as well as riding my road bike outdoors, and I also love to cook healthy food and entertain friends in our home with my husband. I also love to read and study the Bible, and love to listen to music and go to concerts.
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    Having been on a nutritional journey since I was a young mom, I understand the unique challenges of feeding a young family, getting healthy myself and then remaining focused on that as my children grew. Now as a post menopausal woman facing the different challenges of this stage of life, I find that I am uniquely qualified to speak to all stages of life I have encountered. 80% of what we face can be addressed with simple and sustainable habit changes that I am able to help with, as well as the right mindset coaching and accountability.
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    I love helping busy women (especially moms) who are struggling with lack of energy, and want to improve their immune systems and feel good in their bodies. I especially love talking with people who are motivated to make simple sustainable changes and who are patient and coachable.
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    United States
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    Free education and nutritional consult at
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    Hillsdale College and University of Toledo
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    What are your biggest health goals or challenges?
    How are you feeling about what you are doing to protect your health right now?
    If I had someone who could help you make simple and sustainable changes that could dramatically improve how you feel, would you want to talk with her?
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    I simply love meeting people- no caveats- just introduce us like you would introduce a friend!
    Here is my contact info: 937-470-9700, and best email is