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    Candus' Kreative Coordinations'
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    I, Candus Irby, am the owner and operator of CKC. I started CKC in the early part of 2021. I have an innate ability for cleaning, organizing & designing. Simply saying I truly enjoy it! And with COVID coming and disrupting the flow of the world. I understood that we all had a universal problem that needed solutions.

    CKC-Candus' Kreative Coordinations' is built on values that I have stood for, for a very long time. Those values are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity and Personal courage. Autonomy, Dignity, Honesty, Privacy, Communication, Accuracy, Competency and Commitment.

    CKC will support and guide you with all your needs. Cleaning, Organizing & Designing whether it be the kitchen or the break room, living room or the lobby, file cabinets or the pantry.


    All of my prior experience has mostly been in the medical industry. I last work as a medical claims & EAP billing analyst and as a case manager for Mental & Behavioral Health services.

    I have a multitude of experience in multiple areas of the medical field from nursing assistant, administration, home health, marketing & admissions for hospice care, specialization in dementia/Alzheimer's disease all on both management and clinical levels. My experience took me through all facility types such as; skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, hospitals & private residences.

    My medical career began soon, following my discharge after a 4yr term serving in the United States Army. My time in service as an E-4(specialist) I worked as a (88M) transportation specialist.

    My past is my pride, which has encouraged me to start CKC. I thrive off of helping, serving & assisting others.

    CKC is here to support, help and save lives. CKC is here for you, ALL of you!
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    Home & Commercial Property Specialist
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    crafting, drawing, organizing, cleaning, decorating, painting, restoring old wood furniture, reading, exploring
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    Property Manager, Real Estate Agent, Commercial Property Manager, Handyman And Carpenter
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    United States
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    Candus Irby
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    What are your home or office cleaning, organizing & design needs? How important is to having your personal or work space sanitized, disinfected and organized?