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    Employee Prosperity Partners
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    Over my 30+ years in the Employee Benefits industry I have developed a passion for Employees to understand the value of, and how to utilize the benefit packages their employer had made available to them. The growing frustration of the inability to provide a connection (a bridge) between the benefit packages provided and the financial impact to employees is the catalyst for EPP.
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    In 2017 I realized that all of the business decisions I was helping corporations make in the boardroom did not always consider the needs and concerns of employees and their families. So, I made the decision that I had to help FAMILIES understand how benefits form the foundation of any financial plan.
    I decided that my mission was to educate individuals on how to build upon the foundation of employee benefits to become prosperous.
    I'm passionate about making my community better, more peaceful and more caring. By making a difference by being different.
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    Raising 5 children hasn't left much room for hobbies, but I find my peace and still my mind on the water. I also enjoy golfing and watching sporting events and live music.
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    At EPP, we believe that the answer to the outcry for Financial Wellness in the workplace, is more EDUCATION, not more information. We educate employees as to the purpose of employee benefits, what type of financial foundation their employer provides and provide the resources to build upon that foundation to build a true plan for Employee Financial Wellness.
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    Rhodes College
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Do your employees understand and appreciate your Benefit Program?
    Are you looking to hold on to your most valuable employees?
    Do you feel like you're just throwing money at employees in hopes that they will stay with you?
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    Meet Kevin,

    He and his partners look at employee financial wellness differently, and their results show this is exactly what most employees have been asking for.

    Their program engages, educates and empowers employees to prosper with their current employer in a way that resonates in the workplace.

    They are making big waves with their clients.