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    Continuum Legal PLLC
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    I am a life-long learner intrigued by new ideas and new problems to solve. Helping my business clients solve their problems and achieve their dreams satisfies my inquisitive nature and is extremely rewarding because it adds value to others at the same time. I love being challenged and it is important for me to provide a net-positive impact on the world.
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    I am a fractional general counsel serving small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs, focused on collaboration, proactive & strategic planning, and education to empower my clients to achieve their highest potential. I have a vast breadth of experience, with a focus on legal strategy and advice regarding contract negotiating & drafting, mergers & acquisitions, and labor & employment. I especially enjoy helping companies through high periods of growth or transformation, including business succession planning and implementation, buying or selling a business, restructuring businesses for efficiency, or setting the foundation for expansion. I set myself apart from other attorneys by providing superior customer service and practical advice using a predictable payment structure. I enjoying diving deep into my client’s businesses and excel at removing legal obstacles in efficient and creative ways. I am the attorney that will find out how to get you a “yes!” instead of telling you “no”. I have an undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and am passionate about the value team cohesion and engagement provide to my clients. In my free time, you'll catch me reading about what makes businesses great or exploring the great outdoors.
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    Founder & Attorney
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    Hiking; camping; backpacking; sailing; snowshoeing; pilates; yoga; reading for fun and for learning; cooking farm to table with local ingredients; enjoying great restaurants; coffee!
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    Family- or entrepreneur-owned business with a successful structure looking to develop or execute on a strategic plan to expand or improve their business. I work well with people who are interested in growing and learning and who are willing to put in the effort to achieve results. I do not work well with those who think they have everything figured out and just want someone to implement their plan. There is no hard line for company size, but companies with one or more of the following generally find value in my services greater than the cost; $1M ARR; 20+ employees; multi-state business; high growth phase; upcoming funding/liquidity/transition event that will impact the entire company.
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    United States
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    Complimentary 30 minute consultation
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    University of Houston Law Center
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    What is your ARR and how many employees do you have?
    What is your experience working with attorneys?
    What legal issues keep you up night and/or what legal barriers do you need removed?
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    Koby is a fractional general counsel that helps family and entrepreneur-owned businesses succeed by leveraging legal as a force multiplier through collaboration, education, and proactive strategy. She prioritizes customer services, creative but practical advice, and tailored solutions with a strong positive impact.