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    Dr. Nissi Hamilton, a survivor, leader and expert in human trafficking, is a winner of the Foundation for Improvement of Justice’s 2022 Paul H. Chapman Award for her advocacy in the passing of the Texas Smart Act which was signed into law in 2021. This legislation provides protection and resources to trafficking victims and survivors. As a survivor herself, Dr. Hamilton has become a passionate leader in the national anti-trafficking movement. She is a sexual abuse counselor and CEO of Nissi’s Network, a non-profit which aims to “provide holistic support for children of pimps, prostitutes, and victims of human trafficking so that they can have an opportunity to lead healthy and successful lives.” Nissi’s push for legislative reform demonstrates the power of survivors to effect positive change in our justice system. The Board of the Foundation for Improvement of Justice will recognize Dr. Nissi Hamilton on October 1, 2022 at their annual awards banquet in Atlanta, GA.