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    Being someone who has struggled with intellectual disabilities, it became my passion to learn how to navigate this complicated world as a professional, a mother, and a member of our community. I strive to help other's along the way who may feel lost or helpless, as I once did. My passion is helping people realize their potential, and show the world we're all humans.
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    Heather joined BBSI of Southern Oregon in February of 2022 as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Prior to BBSI, she worked as an Employment Specialist in Community Supports for intellectually and physically disabled children and adults. She brings empathy and compassion to the table and is dedicated to helping other's prosper in these new and challenging times.
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    Employee Relations
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    Talent Acquisition Specialist
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    Writing (Published 2 novels)
    Tarantula Keeping
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    United States
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    Are you a small or medium sized business owner that needs help with Payroll, Risk, business strategy, HR compliance, or recruiting?