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    Knows Insurance
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    I have always loved volunteering and helping people. My passion starts at the office, I get to help empower my agents in building and controlling their lives with business and leaderships skills.
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    I’ve spent the last six years helping people find the right health insurance. . .

    Here’s what I know. . .

    If you are a small business owner and want the right policy with great coverage, you can’t depend on the insurance carriers to tell you what your policy will cover and how much you will end up paying.

    It is not easy to know where to start, and just choosing what seems easy upfront will often burn you later when you need it most.

    I have seen other health insurance agents try to force a one size fits all policy on people, and that is NOT my style.

    I will provide you with:
    ► A detailed walk-through of all your insurance policy options

    ► Free quote on as many insurance policies that you want to research

    ► The best options for what’s important in this moment: You!

    ► Make sure your insurance policy offers protection where needed most so we can feel confident knowing your family won’t be left uncovered when something goes wrong.

    I started as an insurance agent in 2016 while my husband was in the military, and I wanted a job that could travel with me.

    I have always loved volunteering and helping people. I am proud to be an American, and I believe in your choice for health coverage.

    Together let’s finds which healthcare insurance policy will provide the healthcare coverage that matters most when you need it most. So, we can feel confident knowing your family won't be left uncovered when something goes wrong.

    We know that life can be a struggle, and we want to help you take care of all those little moments in your day-to-day lives. . .

    No worries when something big happens, like losing cards or a bill looks wrong!

    Our team is here for every emergency when needed - because nothing should stand in the way of our customers' well-being.

    Contact me for a free quote and a detailed walk-through of options available!

    I help individuals, families, small businesses, and employees who travel for work find:
    🔸Travel (Nationwide) Insurance

    🔸Health Insurance

    🔸Life insurance (term and whole)

    🔸Accident coverage

    🔸Critical illness benefits

    🔸Catastrophic coverage

    🔸Dental insurance

    🔸Vision insurance

    🔸Call-a-doc services
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    Individuals, Families and Small businesses who understand the value of medical insurance and want to be protected for the unforeseen events.
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    United States
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    Kennesaw State University