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(All Things Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels | Pet Doors) Kris Zimmerman

(All Things Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels | Pet Doors) Kris Zimmerman

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    Treasure Valley pet doors
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    I'm always looking for ways to serve on people with my services either through construction or providing pet doors. I wanted a to be able to give an option to people who needed a pet door without going through a wall. Seeing the other options on the market like Patio door inserts that make securing your home almost impossible to flimsy pet doors with a single vinyl flap that opens with every breeze. This is a great alternative!
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    I'm originally from Southern California and have lived in Idaho the last 18 years. I met my wife at church 9 years ago. We got married 8 years ago and we now have 2 young boys ages 6 & 7. They are amazing and fill our home with much laughter and entertainment. But being a business owner it also gives me an opportunity to teach them about hard work, discipline and delayed gratification. Its important to earn what you have so that you appreciate what you have.
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    Pet door sales/remodel contractor
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    Fishing, shooting, playing with my boys have dart wars and wrestling. Spending time with my wife and kids while making memories and building businesses.
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    pet owners needing a pet door, Real Estate agents for themselves and their clients.
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    United States
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    We do offer discounts to first responders and Vets! Thank you all for your service. God Bless you.
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    1. Don't you get tired of always getting up and down to let your dog out?
    2. Have you ever thought about getting a pet door?
    3. Don't those pet door inserts get in the way when you try and use your door?
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    If you're looking for a pet door option without going through a wall call Kris at Treasure Valley Pet Doors. I think he could really help at a very reasonable cost.