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    Rei'L Worldwide Inc.
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    As a young boy I was always disturbed to see children who didn't have. Whether it was sitting in a classroom and a child didn't have the same kind of pencils as everyone else or sitting in the lunchroom and a child couldn't afford to get something extra for lunch. To me, something wasn't right about it. I do what I do because something is just not right about people who are without as a result of their mistakes or bad decisions. I do what I do because something is just not right about children who are struggling because of the decisions of their parents either through deciding on divorce or deciding to commit a crime and ending up in prison. I do what I do because something is just not right about a person spending time in prison and "Paying their debt to society," however upon being released from prison they still have debt and remain imprisoned to judgement and stereotype. I do what I do because there is something I can do.

    Throughout the United States of America, children, individuals, and families are suffering from effects of Addiction, Domestic Violence, Divorce, and Incarceration. In the United States of America, Drug and Alcoholism addiction cause approximately 88,000 deaths annually. More than 10 million women and men are abused annually. Roughly one in two children will see their parents’ marriage breakup and 21% of children are being raised without their fathers in America. 1.5 million children (1 in 49) currently have an incarcerated parent. The Juvenile recidivism rate is 76% and 40% will end up in adult prisons, and there are more than 2 million people in adult prisons with a national recidivism rate of 77%.

    We exist because these issues exist.
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    I am a sibling to four brothers and one sister. I have four adorable children. I have been divorced twice. For a long time it was hard for me to say because it's embarrassing. Lately, I have learned that my story of yesterday is my strength for today. I love music. I love acting. I have made a career of both. Spending time with my children brings me the most joy, however helping people and seeing others succeed gives me the greatest satisfaction. My mother and father are still living and still together now 50 years. My father is a pastor and of course I am the organist and minister of music for the church. I have a BA degree in Music, currently in a Master's/Ph.D program studying organizational leadership and management
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    Whew where do I start? Ascension Entertainment Management (Managing Professional Talent), Ascension Records (Signing Artists and Distributing Music), Rei'l Worldwide Inc. (Nonprofit Organization), The County Seat (Full Service Restaurant)
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    Founding Director
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    Singing, Writing music, taking long walks, spending time with family, learning new things, traveling, giving, serving.
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    United States
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    Energy, creativity, ideas
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    Brewton Parker College
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