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    Instant Imprints
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    I love to help people succeed, be a part of business success and hearing about my customer's business goals. Specifically, what service or product they provide and how they describe their best customer.
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    I grew up in a small town in Michigan, the eldest child with 2 sisters and a brother. I attended Iowa State Univ., earning a BS in Electrical Engineering. Following college, I became a Submarine Officer in the US Navy and served 7 years. Post-Navy, I worked in various roles in the paper industry, automotive parts, higher education administration, food and feed ingredient manufacturing and most recently as a franchisee of Instant Imprints. I live in Vinings, am married and have 2 children who have launched.
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    Small business development
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    In my spare time, I enjoy camping, hiking, lake life and travel.
    In the past, I enjoyed golf and competitive shooting sports, but lately haven't had time.
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    We learn your branding goals and take responsibility to protect and exhibit your visual branding products so to further your goals.
    We help you achieve your brand visibility using 5 categories of products: Embroidered apparel, signage, promotional products, Custom T-shirts and print services.
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    mid-sized business client who needs one or more of our 5 product lines right now.
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    United States
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    Free 3' x 5' banner.
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    Iowa State University/Duke University
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    3 questions i could ask that would qualify a referral
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    write the email.....I'd like to introduce you to Scott Bock. He does .... and I think you two may have opportunities to refer for each other.