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    Five Rings Financial
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    840 843 3682
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    Back in 2008 my father lost forty percent of his money. When I went to " one of those things" to support a friend, I found myself so excited to become educated on how to grow and protect my money. I learned that the average age that people seriously start to save for retirement is 53,and that people move jobs and many times spend the money instead of rolling it. Instead they can create a self directed IRA. I became passionate to help people grow and protect there money. I have been hosting and speaker at Money 101 events and Wine Women and Wealth events in Texas California and absolutely love that my clients do not lose money during the down years and make great money during the up years. Its all about education.My office is in New Braunfel's and I am expanding to Buda and San Antonio.
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    I am a Wife and Mother of an adult son and have a beautiful daughter in law. I am President of a Non Profit Room Redux where we help children who have been sexually or physically abused, transform their rooms where they may have been abused. We help give them a fresh start. I love building. I am building a team of wonderful agents who are like family and Five Ringers are also like a family. I am a very blessed person who has a great life. In our spare time we love to travel both locally and internationally. Life is a journey and it can be wonderful
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    I am an insurane agent who specializes in living beneits and retirments that grow tax deffered or free.
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    Area Vice President
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    Travel with my husband. Paddle Boarding at the River. Kayak at the Rivers. Entertain and support Non Profits.
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    New Braunfels
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    A family interested growing and protecting their wealth and creating legacy money.
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    United States
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  • Google Business Review URL,-98.4482777,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x865ca3178b4141e9:0x6e0bce9080fcbbca!8m2!3d29.8401783!4d-98.1680841
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    Fullerton State
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    Are you happy about your retirement?
    What would happen if you or your spouse had a heart attack, stroke, cancer. Would you like to access money
    that you don't have to pay back.