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    IDIC Designs, LLC
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    IDIC Designs stands for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. That is the principle that I believe is the answer to the problems businesses face in the marketplace. We have a culture that promises that the next big thing, the answer to your problems, or the solution you've been missing is in the next webinar, software package, widget, online service, etc. I believe that instead of trying to focus on doing things right, we should be examining technology carefully to make sure we are doing the right things. Every business could succeed if the right investments in people and technology (i.e. systems) are made.
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    I have 33+ years of experience working with computer technology. I've taught people how to use and write software. I've helped grow a 6 figure a year business into a multiple million dollar a year business through developing their web and database services. And I've worked to help small business owners navigate the technology minefield. Now I'm looking to help them insure their digital lives by addressing the online threats that could destroy their dreams in one unconscious mistake.
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    Golf, Outdoors, Poker, Motorcycles (new), Hallmark Channel, Travel, Issues of life conversations.
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    A business owner with 1-50 computers who knows that they cannot afford to have an internal IT professional but also doesn't want to have to make all the technology decisions. He/she is willing to do some of the work. He/she is also a life long learner, willing to be taught to be more self-sufficient, while having the support so that he/she doesn't have to do it alone.
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    United States
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    Dark Web Searches by Domain or specific Email Address (free) --detects if your email address with associated password is for sale.
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    Walla Walla University
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    If you were hit with ransomware, would you have someone to call to help restore your business?
    Are you getting a lot of requests from customers or vendors about how you manage personally identifying information (PII) that you manage?
    Have you written a recovery plan for your business if you lost the use of your computer(s) and all the data that they contain?
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    Rob is a technology specialist with more than 30 years in the industry. His current passion is to help business owner plan for the worst so that they can spend their time building their business instead of worrying about losing it.