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    Proton Sports & Apparel L.L.C.
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    I enjoy helping people to maintain their health through fitness, sports, spirituality, and wellness. This passion is extended to those who are underserved, mentally and physically impaired. Let's work together to help those who want to be healthy maintain it for a long, energetic, productive life.
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    I am a believer in God, and my faith gets me through my days. I love spending time with family, friends, and associates and enjoy traveling as much as possible. My professional life consists of being a coach, health, and PE teacher for the last twenty-three years and building my sporting goods and -- apparel business for the previous five years.
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    I love sports, playing and spectating
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    People looking for team uniforms, sports equipment, and custom-made apparel. This includes businesses and corporate wear, especially schools and universities.
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    United States
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    Veterans receive a 10% discount on all products.
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    West Florida University
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    1. What are your primary fitness, sporting goods, and apparel needs?
    2. What problems are you experiencing with your current products?
    3. What is your budget for your purchase?
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    Hello, I would like to introduce you to George Eberhart, CEO of Proton Sports & Apparel he sells sporting goods and apparel online. They specialize in team sports equipment and uniforms.