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    Chuck and Miriam Hendee Investments LLC dba Lean and Motivated Incentives
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    After selling my manufacturing business in 2006 and retiring in 2012, I am dedicated to helping other CEOs and business leaders find their purpose and achieve the highest levels of performance personally and professionally.
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    My father once told me that to be successful you must do the things that lead to success, don’t do the things that lead to failure, but first, you must define success. I have built a $20M company from the ground up and after selling it in 2006, I founded Lean and Motivated Incentives, a management consulting practice, to help others with exceptional growth and profitability. I have been at the top, fallen, and risen again. Now I love being a guide on the Climb!

    As a Vistage Chair, I aim to help my members increase profitability and make smarter decisions while maintaining their core values and integrity. Through monthly group meetings where we gather in a confidential and non-competitive environment, our only goal is to help each other climb. Through one-to-one coaching and expert speakers, the Vistage method has proven to help elevate companies and create better leaders.

    I recently wrote my first book, “Purpose: A Journey from Breakdown to Breakthrough” which is an accomplishment I am proud of. I learned to be open and vulnerable, and I strive to cultivate a group where my members are encouraged to do the same. Leading a Vistage group gives me the opportunity to help other business owners find their purpose, provide an outside perspective, collaborate, and expect action.

    Supporting leaders is my passion. I have the honor of serving as a mentor at The Wolfe Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Houston for over 20 years, and I teach a Junior Achievement course in Entrepreneurship and Career Success for middle and high schoolers. Through this, I am able to make a positive impact in my community. When I am not in the classroom or boardroom, I am spending time with my wife of 52 years.

    If you are ready to exceed expectations and lead better, please connect with me or email me at
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    Management and Coaching
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    Playing Guitar, hiking, and cycling
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    Missouri City
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    A business Owner, CEO, or President who's company is growing and they are a little bit over their head in growing and leading their management team. They would like an experienced guide in their climb and a group of peers on the same journey to the top. Revenues from 5MM to 50MM, 25 to 200 employees, and multiple management levels.
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    United States
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    University of Houston School of Business
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Would you find value in getting the perspective of 12 to 16 non-competing business leaders regarding your challenges or opportunities?
    2. Are you focused on not only the growth of your business but also your own professional and personal development?
    3. Are you willing to be open to questions about your challenges and helpful in helping others with theirs?
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    I am always looking for people who may benefit my clients and connections. Let me introduce you to Chuck Hendee. Chuck sold his successful manufacturing company, Hendee Enterprises, and now devotes his time mentoring entrepreneurial students at the U of H and leading CEO Peer Groups with Vistage. Vistage is the largest coaching and peer group organization in the world with 27,000 members.

    Chuck leads a high-performance group of business leaders, and the group is growing and interested in adding members. Here is his contact information if you would like to learn more.