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    Law for Love Family Law & Mediation
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    As a family litigator, I became disillusioned how often attorneys did more harm to families that were already hurting. I believe that attorneys, especially those of us who work in the most intimate areas of family life, should be held to the same creed as medical doctors: "above all else, do no harm." As a result, I launched our practice to develop and foster the culture of holistic counsel. Empowering families to increase their chances of healthy co-parenting is the next best outcome when a family can no longer remain in tact. Being legal professionals with heart is a critical first step to treating families as human beings not just cases. Since this is what has been largely missing from the practice of law, we exist to transform the culture of family law practice...One family at a time.
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    Sherlyn Selassie committed her first 10 years of practice serving vulnerable populations. Her compassion, commitment, and creativity set her apart from her colleagues as a leader in client management. Ms. Selassie's background before law was in customer service. She continues to deliver the highest levels of client care, communication, and exceeding clients' expectations. Ms. Selassie has counseled thousands of families through the family law process. She also has demonstrated expertise in the areas of contract, consumer, government entitlements, and estates. She is warm, but also very practical. She has an infectious personality and will always follow through on her promises. She invites you to call today for a quick meeting: You will not be disappointed.
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    Family Law & Mediation
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    Reading, Counseling & Gardening.
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    Our perfect referral is a couple or individual who wants to avoid the combat, frustration, and expense often characterized by nasty divorce.
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    United States
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    Our referrals through NIA receive a 10% discount on our services.
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    St.Thomas University School of Law
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Have you decided you want an uncontested divorce but are concerned about the legal documents being correct?
    Do you need help navigating difficult conversations with your current spouse regarding the terms of separation or divorce?
    Do you desire compassionate support while developing your estate or legacy plan for your children?
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    I would like to introduce you to Attorney Char of Law for Love. She specializes in compassionate legal services for families contemplating separation, going through divorce, or needing help with their estate plan.