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    Central Eyes Optometry
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    We believe vision is important in order to live a productive and happy life. We love helping people live their best by helping them see clearly so they can do the things they want to (and have to) see! We love helping people achieve their visual goals, whether that be with a comfortable or stylish pair of glasses or contact lenses. We specialize in contact lenses and love people to see better than they ever have! If you have ever been told that "they don't make contact lenses for your eyes", let us help you! There are many options and very rarely are there no options for someone.
    We also love educating our community about the importance of eye health and what we can do to preserve and protect it fora lifetime of good vision.
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    I have been practicing optometry since graudating from Pacific University in 2014. I love all things eye-related--the eyes are fascinating as they are actually an extension of your brain! We can tell so much about your overall health with an eye exam! I love to push myself outside of my comfort zone and learn new things. I'm a new business owner and manager so there is a lot to learn! : ) For fun, I love to garden and be outside enjoying the sun.
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    Gardening, Flowers, Exploring
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    Grants Pass
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    If you know anyone who needs an eye exam or who has been struggling with their glasses or contact lenses, please tell them to come see us. We offer many solutions to improve vision--don't let vision hold you back from doing the things you love! We also specialize in dry eyes. If you or anyone you know struggles with red or uncomfortable eyes, please send them our way.
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    United States
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    $25 off eyewear
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    BS-Northern Illinois University, OD-Pacific University College of Optometry, MBA-Washington State University
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    2010, 2014, Fall 2022
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Have you had your eyes checked in the last year? (Everyone should get their eyes checked! Even with perfect eyesight there are eye diseases that have no symptoms in the early stages but can lead to blindness if not caught early.)
    2) Are your eyes bothering you? (if you see someone is struggling with their eyes or vision, please send them our way)
    3) Do you want to support a small business instead of online or big box stores?
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    Dr. April Napier