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    Baker Bookkeeps
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    Business owners stay busy and pulled in so many directions, so inevitably they get behind on their bookkeeping. But if their books aren't up-to-date and accurate, they cannot run their business well. It's a vicious cycle. I love helping business owners not just take this unpopular task off their plates but to also give them full and accurate visibility to their financial state at any given time.
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    Having grown up in a family business where everyone must wear all hats…bookkeeping became my passion! I have been called on multiple times to clean up the messiest of QuickBooks Online Accounts - my virtual hazmat suit is always handy!
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    When I'm not keeping the books, I love being with my husband and three little girls. As well as singing in and leading a semi-professional vocal ensemble.
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    Union University (BM) & Belmont University (MM)
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    2008 & 2011
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    Baker Bookkeeps is a full-service bookkeeping firm. They don't just check the box; they go the extra mile to make sure your reporting is as accurate and organized as possible so that you can make financially-based decisions.