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    Operation Dignity International
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    Working in Ghana, West Africa gives me the opportunity to use my skill set to help others transform from poverty to being able to feed the children, to see clean water in the villages, to have villagers have access to medical healthcare such as remedies for typhoid and malaria, to help mothers save the children in childbirth rather than seeing both mother and child die from lack of care, to see them move from hopelessness to hopefulness.
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    I am the mother of seven children (2 step, 3 biological, 2 adopted) and wife to Jim for 48 years. I've had many positions throughout my life, but especially enjoying working to help the children, families, and villages in Ghana. I'm passionate about being the voice for the very underserved in Ghana. I've invested in my education more than most realizing I could be a full-time student if it didn't cost for the experience; two masters and a Ph.D. cost enough!
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    Nonprofit management and development
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    Executive Director
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    Grandchildren, reading, writing research papers (what??!!!),
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    Speaking engagements, trade shows for faith-based organizations, any kind of event that would give me exposure as the director of Operation Dignity International.
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    United States
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    A leadership training and exposure memory trip to Ghana.
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    Ph.D. in Business Administration, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you passionate about helping others thrive rather than living in poverty?
    Is clean water important to help others thrive?
    Do you see education as a pathway to dreaming?
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    Dr. Kathy Sullivan is the executive director of Operation Dignity International. He passion is to help discover a different future for the villagers in rural Ghana, transforming lives from poverty to potential.