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    There’s nothing better than connecting with a businessperson, learning about a cause that matters to them, and helping them impact that cause in a meaningful way.

    GivingOutLoud was created for evolved entrepreneurs who want to leverage their brand to impact causes that are reflective of their values. GivingOutLoud pairs media* production with social good to amplify causes that matter for entrepreneurs who want to do more.

    Being a producer on a reality show to bring entrepreneur teams together to create businesses that solve global social causes, I had first hand experience with entrepreneurs challenged with sharing their cause along with their company brands.

    *Media includes branding & PR/ podcasting/speaking/events/ photography/social/ film/ NFTs & MORE!
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    The Branding Influencer with AllAboutThatBrand since '16, we launched GivingOutLoud to elevate brands with cause. Award-winning podcast host, speaker, best-selling author, CRN channel champion, $MM venture CEO who loves business development to serve others and the clients.
    Board member:
    Biotech judge/mentor: MassChallenge
    judge: Greater Austin UnitedWay.
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    Branding/ Marketing/ Media Production
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    Cause Branding Influencer
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    Music, Art, NFTs, Travel, Hiking
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    I love working with executives/leaders who want to elevate their brand with cause, podcasting, speaking, social, and partnerships.
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    United States
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    Specials unique to situation / 10% affiliate for VIP/ 35% affiliate for online courses
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    Syracuse University
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    before the iphone
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Do you have a social cause you care about? [yes/no if there is interest, we can engage]
    2) Are you happy with your personal/professional brand on LinkedIn?
    3) Would you like to be more known in your industry?
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    I'm happy to make a special intro to Grace Lanni. After our chat, I believe she would be a great connection to help with your personal/professional brand. Her newest project,, is helping leaders like you elevate their brand while they are also impacting their cause. Her LinkedIn here: