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    PDM Life and Legacy
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    All of the businesses I have done have been around supporting people 1) produce 2) protect and 3) perpetuate their wealth. I have a business in real estate investing, oil and gas production, and life insurance. These business have allowed to support my beliefs and continue to educate and empower my clients with whatever their goals are.
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    I graduated college in 2009 and immediately went active duty. I was an Combat Engineer Officer. The bulk of my active duty time was at Fort Bliss, TX with 2nd BDE, 1AD. After I transitioned from the Army I got a job as an Instrumentation and Controls Engineer for ConocoPhillips. This is when I started my first business flipping houses in El Paso, TX. I rolled the profits into apartments and small multi-family units.

    Being in oil and gas I have always wanted to own a piece of that so I started another business where I own non-working interests in oil and gas wells. I started just this year in Feb 2022 with some partners and just feels good to have a goal to do something and make it happen.

    Life Insurance is now the business I spend a majority of my time. Over the years I have seen how my wealthy mentors have used it as a way to protect their money. I always thought of life insurance as a death benefit paid out to my family if something happened to me. I have learned that is only the surface. Now I offer it to my existing customers and looking to really expand it because I truly believe it is an under utilized investment vehicle.
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    Life Insurance and Legacy Planning
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    Life Insurance Specialist
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    Fishing! I love to go fishing. Before my girls were born I was down in Port Aransas fishing almost once a month. Now I do my best to get out on the water when I can.
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    Someone who:
    1) does not have life insurance coverage
    2) has a term policy about to expire
    3) has not heard about life insurance for college funding, retirement planning, or protection against inflation
    4) business owner who wants to offer life insurance as an employee benefit
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    United States
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    Coffee for our one on one
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    Drexel University
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