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    Underwood Health Benefits
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    My why is that I have always sought to live a meaningful, fulfilling life and I've found that helping others is a very key part of that equation, and thus, I find myself in my role today, helping others with one of the most important decisions of their adult lives! I pride myself on doing right by others and that is the ultimate why in what I do, everyday I am pushed to be the best I can be FOR THEM because I know people need my help and if I don't rise to the occasion, someone else will and they may not be as honest or helpful as I am and that drives me day in and day out!
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    I'm a blue collar guy originally from Lexington, Kentucky and I grew up playing sports and was instilled with a strong work ethic to be the best I could be at whatever it was I was doing, to outwork the competition, and that when you do something, you either go all the way or you don't do it at all. I dedicate myself to my craft and am a very friendly, personable, out going type that loves to travel, read, and be around friends and am just as likely to make friends with my clients as well!
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    Health Insurance Agent
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    Hiking, playing sports, traveling, working out, walking my dog, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying a good cold beer on a hot day!
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    For me, a perfect referral is someone that is self employed and struggling to find good, affordable health insurance since they are tasked with doing this by themselves and may not be aware of all their options. Secondly, if someone is on a family work plan and its extremely expensive, sometimes it makes more sense to write the spouse on a private plan. But ultimately, anyone that is looking for better, more affordable options, hates their current plan, etc is a great referral.
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    United States
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    University of Kentucky
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    What do you use for health insurance?
    Is it expensive?
    Do you like your health insurance plan?
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    I would just like to be described as being essentially an expert in my field and someone that is reliable, trustworthy, honest, and client centered; dedicated to finding the right solution to all your health insurance needs, I will work tirelessly to ensure my clients are making an informed decision with the knowledge that they will always have me as a resource.