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    Knock Down Kings
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    We all have that one thing we are really good at and we enjoy. For me it is demolition. My job is essential for almost all projects. If you want to start new and fresh, you need to clear away the old.
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    I started in the trades in 2004 working for Republic Services as a laborer. I quickly rose to management but left because I did not enjoy corporate governing systems. I learned about demolition and clean outs in 2013 and by 2015 I had a small fleet of trucks and a staff of 6 in Massachusetts.

    That company is still operational today and in good hands. A desire for better weather and a different way of life lead me and my family to Houston. Here we are now ready to do some positive damage out here in the good old state of Texas.
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    Demolition Specialist
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    I enjoy reading books, learning about technology, and spending time with my family.
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    We are demolition specialist, not contractors. We compliment you on your D.I.Y projects, or your contractor who only desires to do finish work. Because we are not contractors, we have smaller overhead which allows us to be cost effective. In addition, your contractor my be too busy for demo so we can assist in moving your project along ON TIME!
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    We pair perfectly with contractors who have been in the business for 10 years or more. The contractors who do not want to get their own hands dirty. We also work well with real estate flippers.
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    United States
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    What type of real estate projects do you have coming in the not too distant future? Are you happy with your current contractor? Do you have a demolition specialist on speed dial?
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    Hello ________ I would like to introduce you to Joshua my demolition specialist.