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    Livable Buckhead
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    To help create more sustainable and equitable communities
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    I am a program manager for Livable Buckhead with a communications and marketing background.
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    Communications Professional
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    Program Manager
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    Committing to sustainability in all aspects of life, cooking new recipes, staying up to date on local and national news, biking around my neighborhood, and being with friends and family!
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    Livable Buckhead partners with stakeholders in the community to implement long-term solutions. From commercial properties to neighborhood associations, we connect with people to create a better quality of life and environment for all.
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    United States
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    Georgia College & State University
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    Are you interested in being more involved in the Buckhead community? Is sustainability a top priority for you, personally or professionally? Are you looking for resources on commute solutions, recycling best practices, or community events?
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    Livable Buckhead is a sustainability non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life and environment in the Buckhead community. Their team manages programs including office recycling, transportation solutions, corporate volunteer events and more. Let them know what you're interested in and they'll schedule a call to discuss how you can be involved!