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    KG Wellness
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    My why is my family - my wellbeing is important to me so I can show-up the way I want in my life, for my family and for my community. It's dang near impossible to do that if you don't "feel" like it. I help others so they can live their best life with the energy and purpose they desire because I know the difference it makes.
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    I received my certification as a holistic wellness coach from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 and have been working as a wellness coach since 2017. My clients have included individuals, groups, and organizations. I specialize in helping those in the workplace utilize wellness programming solutions to foster healthier lifestyles which positively impact employee wellbeing both mentally and physically.
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    Wellness Programming Solutions
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    Wellness Champion
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    Running, Camp Gladiator, Healthy Meals, Sewing, Reading, Faith, and Helping Others
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    The Woodlands
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    A small or medium size organization that resonates with creating a climate of wellbeing for their greatest asset - their employees. The leadership is likely frustrated with the lack of employee engagement in the current wellness program through their insurance carrier and may be skeptical of the added value of this program. Or, the HR department is overwhelmed and does not have the bandwidth to add the design and delivery of a wellness program. I can and will help organizations promote engagement, realize the added value, and design + deliver my customized wellbeing program.
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    United States
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    No Cost Training - Resilience to Thriving in the Workplace (1 hour)
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    University of Houston; Institute for Integrative Nutrition
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    1990; 2016
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Is the wellbeing of your employees important to your organization? If yes, do you have a wellness program in place? If not, what is the cost to your employees and your organization of not having one?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    I'm taking this opportunity to introduce Kathy Gregory who is the creator of Wellness Works (a KG Wellness Workplace Program) a robust, well structured, and well run program that is employee-centric to promote participation and results. This program is not like most because she understands that "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Kathy uses proven benchmarks, assessment tools, fun engagement (team building) activities, coaching, etc. which make it specific to what each individual organization wants and needs to succeed. Her goal is to help others live their best, most productive, and most purposeful life.

    From research, Kathy has found that organizations and their employees are struggling with reconnection, mental health, skyrocketing health care costs/claims, physical health problems, etc. She can help if you've been tasked to create or revamp a wellness program. She uses her 5 years of "boots on the ground" experience in the wellness coaching trenches to build the best strategies and tools to help engage team members as they work toward showing up in their purpose through health initiatives. Bottom line: wellness programming is a win for the organization and a win for the employee (and beyond). Healthy employees are Happy employees.

    Please email or call/text to set up a time to discover how Kathy can help you: or 936-697-0123.