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    Atwill Media
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    I love sales when the product or service is a real benefit to the consumer or solves a real problem. Even more than sales, I love sales coaching and watching others grow and succeed by helping people accomplish their goals or overcome their obstacles. As the General Manager of a digital marketing company, I have the luxury of living my best live- daily. I lead a team of skilled sales professionals that have a real passion for helping small to medium size businesses gain real traction on the world wide web. When your local business has national competition that threaten to put them out of business every day by out ranking and out spending them in marketing dollars, my team of professionals are ready to help. Even better, we love to see you succeed. It's why we do what we do. Small business - it's what we do!
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    I was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas then later moved to Kentucky for around 12 years before returning to my home town. Go CATS!

    I have two young adult children trying to find their place in the world.
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    Digital Marketing. Website development, Google Ads, Social Media Content Creation, and more.
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    General Manager
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    When I'm not traveling for work, I love to go to the lake, go camping, spend time with my (now adult) children, or tackle at home projects. Fun fact- I never watch TV. In fact, my TV hasn't been turned on in over seven months. I also love to go to the gym or go for a walk.
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    Small to medium sized businesses that are either just getting started, looking to grow or update their branding, or recently underwent a change in location or ownership that has impacted their visibility in the digital space.
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    United States
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    B2B referrals
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    Do you currently have an established online presence?
    Do you have anyone on staff that handles your marketing and updates that we will work with?
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    Hi, my name is Tracy Arnett. I work with a team of skilled technical professionals that speak in terms anyone can understand. All I need to know is the industry you're in so I can connect you with the person that has the most experiences helping businesses like yours, and what is the best was to contact you.