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    Nutrition Sessions LLC
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    I envision a world free of chronic illness caused unnecessarily by lifestyle choices. It's my mission to empower, inspire, support, and serve individuals in achieving optimal health & wellness so that they experience joy & fulfillment in life activities that they value most.
    You do not have to navigate your wellness journey alone. Healthy eating, enjoying your favorite foods, and living life to the fullest can co-exist... I show you how!
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    After enjoying a career in the multimedia industry... I followed my nutrition & health calling & life’s purpose to be of service to others and have worked in the health & wellness space for over 20 years. Most passionate about empowering people through nutrition & lifestyle education that gives them the ability to...
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    Registered & Licensed Dietitian and Nutritious Life Master Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach
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    Founder & Owner
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    What I cherish most is quality time with family & friends, whether it's a relaxed evening, interesting outing or full on theme party! Enjoy all of the new connections I'm making as I create & grow my business. Love road trips to the Texas Hill Country, visiting tropical destinations, wine tasting, live music at smaller more intimate venues, reading for leisure (rare these days) and lifelong learning!
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    CLIENTS: Busy/burned-out professionals who are ready to feel good again; primarily women & men in their 40s & 50s who may have milestone birthday approaching; noticing a change in the way they look/feel; noticing difference in metabolism and/or hormones; in a place with mindset & resources to take better care of themselves for healthy aging.
    COLLABORATORS/REFERRAL PARTNERS: Health/Fitness/Wellness/Culinary professionals in need of a credentialed nutrition expert as an added value to support their patients/clients.
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    United States
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    Free Discovery Calls; Complimentary “Community Chat with Nat” for select groups; 10% off services for fellow NIA group members
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    University of St. Thomas & Texas State University
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you ready to stop feeling stuck and take the next step to feeling good again?
    Do you value your health and want to experience longevity with vitality?
    Are you willing to invest now for your longterm health & wellness?
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    Nathalie guides women and men from feeling frustrated and fatigued to feeling confident and energized around their food choices & wellness routines. As a seasoned wellness dietitian and master certified health & nutrition coach, she provides practical holistic solutions to make healthy living easier for you... without a diet!