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    Pet Wants Heights
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    I’m Stephen Minton, the local owner of Pet Wants Heights, and when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, my wife, Ariana, and I decided to switch to a clean diet. After only a few months, I saw a huge difference. I lost weight – over 70 lbs in six months, my skin was in better shape, my energy level was higher, and even my blood work was better. That’s why, when I found Pet Wants, I realized I wanted to switch my Frenchies – Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart – to Pet Wants and I wanted to open Pet Wants Heights.
    I believe proper nutrition is key to overall health and well-being and Ariana and I want to give our pets, who are our family, the best quality of life possible. That starts with what they eat. We, as humans, have the ability to go to the grocery store or restaurant and pick out exactly what we want (and need), but, unfortunately, our fur babies do not. That’s where we, as pet owners, come in, and where Pet Wants can help. Pet Wants gives us the ability to provide our pets with the freshest quality food, at an affordable price, and with convenient and free home-delivery service.
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    grew up in small-town Alabama, where I earned an engineering degree before starting in the energy industry. That industry took me all over Texas and Louisiana before settling in Houston, where my wife and I have been for seven years. We live in Heights and it’s a very pet-friendly and active area – people are always out and about with their families – and I realized, with so many people feeling the same way I do about my pets, opening Pet Wants was a wonderful opportunity to meet a need in the community while doing something I’d enjoy every day.
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    Reading Japanese manga, Korean manhwa, and cooking!
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    Fresh - it's as simple as that. You wouldn't buy all your groceries in the middle of the store, packaged products full of preservatives. You want fresh, so does your pet!
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    Anyone who appreciates health, nutrition, and/or has love for their pets!
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    United States
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    University of Alabama
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    Do you have a pet, or know someone with pets?
    Does a healthy life matter for your pet?
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    I'll leave that to the individual ;)