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    Magnolia City Health Insurance
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    Health insurance is my speciality, I am licensed in 20 states. I small small businesses, families and individuals prepare for the unexpected when it comes to health and financial protection
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    I am the proud father of two girls. My oldest attend the University of Alabama, my youngest attends Anderson High School in Austin Texas and is a Junior.
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    Health Insurance
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    Benefits Agent
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    I love the outdoors, the Beach, crabbing and fishing for flounder, redfish. I enjoying cooking. Astros Baseball, Longhorn Baseball and of course Longhorn Football. Enjoy a good game of golf and I like tennis.
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    My perfect referral would be a small business, an individual, a family of 4, or someone who is on a COBRA plan.
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    United States
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    Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas
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    To provide a quote all that is needed is Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Use Tobacco and residential Zip.
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    My preference is to be given the individuals name and number