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    Magnolia City Health Insurance
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    Health insurance is my speciality. I love to help people, families, small businesses, individuals. I prepare them for the unexpected when it comes to health and financial protection, with a customized PPO health insurance plan that will not only save them money on monthly premiums but allow them to choose their own doctor or hospital and give them access to first class doctors and hospitals with nationwide coverage. The PPO network is very important, contrary to what you will find with a HMO or EPO plan that is very restrive and more often than not causes the policy holder much more out of pocket expense. Financially speaking I save my client money on the monthly premium and protect them from financial ruin.
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    I am the proud father of two girls. My oldest attend the University of Alabama, my youngest attends Anderson High School in Austin Texas and is a Junior.
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    Health Insurance
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    Benefits Agent
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    I was born and raised in Houston, the Magnolia City, went to Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas. I am a bit of a history buff. I love the outdoors, the Beach, crabbing and fishing for flounder, redfish. I enjoying cooking. Astros Baseball, Longhorn Baseball and of course Longhorn Football. Enjoy a good game of golf and I like tennis.
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    My perfect referral would be a small business, an individual, a family of 4, or someone who is on a COBRA plan.
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    United States
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    Southwestern University in Georgetown Texas
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    To provide a quote all that is needed is Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Use Tobacco and residential Zip.
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    My preference is to be given the individuals name and number