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    MILES Coaching & Consulting
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    I believe there are better ways to live JOYfully. I am intentional in my coaching, training clients to pursue their dreams. It is my life's purpose to be a positive influence on those around me. I live what I preach, and I am always happy and smiling. Ask anyone around me, they are happy to testify to that!
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    I was born in upstate New York, and 6 weeks later was living in Texas. My Dad was in the Army and I lived in 5 Southern states before I started 2nd grade. I was raised on the water, mostly in South Florida, with my younger brother, Roger.

    My "career" in the health care field began when I was still in high school. As long as I remember, I've loved caring for others. When a freshly-graduated chiropractor opened a new office, I was the only employee. I created structured systems for this growing office. I helped foster a low stress, highly efficient environment. I attended many years of chiropractic and business management seminars and had several business and life coaches in the office. I learned much, driving the office growth into a large multi-disciplinary natural health care office, employing 4 chiropractors, 2 massage therapists, and 4 part-time medical doctors. I also supervised a support staff of 10 employees. The environment in the office was so welcoming, even the patients constantly said they loved coming in for care!

    After this business was sold to new owners, I continued caring for others in many ways. Whether someone needs a hand with lifestyle management, coaching, or encouraging, I love sharing my wisdom and experiences. I am phenomenally good at helping others "see" a different perspective, resulting in a positive mindset and an extremely happy person! I believe we all need encouragement to achieve our dreams and find joy, this is what I consistently bring to my clients.
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    Coach & Strategist
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    Entertaining or being entertained! I love a good party!
    I love to be on the water and I love the ocean breeze.
    Boating, Traveling, Outdoors, Playing cards and games, the Shooting Range, Movies, Reading, Anything and Everything with my family and friends!
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    Eden Prairie
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    My perfect referral is someone who is at their wits end with how their life currently is, and would like to take charge and make great changes for quick results. People who are go-getters and want to be successful and happy.
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    United States
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    There are always discounts for NIA members and their referrals!
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    Working on it.
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Would you like things to change, or are you comfortable where you are at?
    What changes are you looking to make?
    Are you unhappy where you are right now?
    Are you coachable?
    Would you like an introduction to someone who can help you?
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    A basic introduction would include how I could help the referral. A phone call from you prior would also help me warm up the referral.