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    Knabb Consulting LLC
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    Healthy businesses are vital to families and communities. I am passionate about giving people a path to achieve business ownership goals for themselves. As an NIA owner in the Memphis TN area, I use networking as a tool with others to strengthen existing locally owned businesses.
  • About me
    I live in Memphis TN with my big, senior-citizen dog Smitty. Family and people in my church and community are a big part of my life. Smitty and I like to get plenty of windshield time. We have traveled over 7000 miles and many states in road trips this year.
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    Franchise Consulting, Mastermind Networking
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    Owner, Consultant, Board Member
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    Family, friends, reading, learning, travel, dogs, baseball, symphony, pod casts
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    Someone interested in (and suited for) business ownership or expanding their business portfolio with capitalization or ability to get loans/rollovers. Some sales skills and business acumen are important. The ability to follow a playbook is critical to success.
    Also existing business owners in the Memphis TN metro area with the mindset to help each other grow and expand their businesses.
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    United States
  • Special offers to the group
    I share 10% of my franchise commission to someone who refers a client who contracts to become a franchise owner through Knabb Consulting. I also share back refunds to my NIA members who refer others who become members of my NIA groups.
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    B Accountancy (U Mississippi), MBA (Miss College, MS Organizational Performance (Bellevue U)
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you interested in learning about franchise business categories and brands that match your needs and areas?
    Have you been working with any other organizations for business research recently?
    If you are an existing business leader, are you interested in participating in Memphis, TN networking or national virtual networking?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    Cath Knabb uses her experience gained in multiple industries to guide clients through the business research process, upticks their knowledge, matches them to best-fit categories and brands, and then supports them through the interview process with franchisors. Cath builds and leads networking groups to help existing businesses grow and thrive.