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    The Quality Coaching Co.
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    888 880 8127
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    Jarvis Gray is a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach, and keynote speaker. As the founder of two companies, Jarvis knows all about the highs that come with launching, building, and growing successful businesses. From establishing solid business foundations, effectively generating leads, converting prospects to clients, and delivering at the highest possible levels ... Jarvis has been there, done that, and has the scars (and positive customer reviews) to prove it!

    Jarvis has published/co-published two books on business and process management, including “The Business Revenue Playbook: How to Uncover $50K in Your Business in 45 Minutes Without Spending a Dime", and "Ten Secrets: A Healthcare Quality Improvement Handbook". Widely respected for his knowledge and views on strategy implementation, business development, and process improvement across the healthcare industry, he is the creator and host of "The Healthcare QualityCast" which is a unique podcast series serving as the hub for thought leaders across the industry.

    For the past 15+ years, Jarvis’ focus has centered on serving the healthcare and small business markets, where he has built The Quality Coaching Co. into a premier business coaching and consulting agency. Jarvis is passionate about the people aspects of business strategy and improvement; and has spent much of the last ten years traveling the country learning from, teaching on, and researching best practice organizations on the aspects of achieving world-class performance; and how executives perceive business, strategy, and operational excellence. In this capacity, Jarvis has coached hundreds of professionals and has been fortunate to interview and interact with numerous CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs.
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    Business Growth Strategist
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    Community service
    Cooking or baking
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    Business Owners Hire Me to Help Them Gain More Customers, Sell More of Their Products and/or Services, and Increase Their Overall Revenues and Profits, Without Spending Additional Money on Marketing and Advertising ... Period!!!
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    United States
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    Profit Acceleration Assessment & Report Inside every business is a hidden treasure trove of untapped wealth. During this no-cost "Profit Acceleration Session" we will examine 12 essential areas in your business where we uncover major financial breakthroughs in 97% of the businesses we survey. Whether you’re making $100,000 or $2,000,000 in annual sales, I'll show you how you can dramatically increase your profits... and do so with little time, money, effort or risk. And best of all, I can do it within an hour.
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    University of Miami
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    What industry do they serve?
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    What challenges are they currently facing?
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    Hi [NAME],

    Hope you're doing well. I’m writing today to introduce you to Jarvis Gray, a colleague of mine, and a business development expert specializing in helping companies understand why they aren’t growing as fast as they would like; and then give them a proven process that helps them to immediately attract more customers and make more money than they've ever made before in their business.

    I've had the pleasure of knowing Jarvis through our NIA networking connections. In working with startup clients, he has been able to directly impact their bottom line by adding revenue streams and securing brand partnerships that expanded their reach.

    For more mature businesses, he digs in deep with staffing and operational improvements that drive profits, cut costs, and helps any business achieve next-level business breakthroughs.

    It seems like there is a compelling case to be made for the two of you connecting.

    I know Jarvis has some insights that might be of interest to you. His phone number is 404-882-6044, or you can email him at I've also copied him above!

    Look forward to hearing how it works out.