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    K9 Hydrotherapy USA T/A K9 Health Center
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    Animals are my passion but I absolutely love dogs and making a difference in their quality of life. Like myself, for many owners, their pets play a crucial part in their family. Being able to support all of them is very rewarding.
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    Previously I was in the Oil Industry and spent a great deal of time travelling, coming home to my family and my dogs, relaxing and having the comfort and enjoyment from being around them all was very important on many levels. When my own pet became ill, their was no facilities to support. When I discovered small animal rehabilitation 17 years ago, it was career changing. No job has ever given me the passion, purpose or level of satisfaction I obtain from helping these pets.
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    Small Animal Hydrotherapist and Practical Trainer for Clinical Hydrotherapy.
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    Clinical Director & Owner
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    Travel, Pets, Dining Out.
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    Pet owners, Vets, Pet Shops.
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    United States
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    20% introduction discount for first session.
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    K9 Health Center @k9hydrotherapyusa
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    Cranfield University
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    Do you have a dog ?
    Does any of your family have pets?
    Do you know any Vets?
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    Let me introduce Sandra, she is a from Scotland and has been specialising in small animal hydrotherapy for 17 years. She is European trained, certified and passionate about all types and breeds of dog.