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    Heitman Insurance Advisors
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    After being on the other side of the table for 20 years trying to handle health insurance benefits for my employees and the frustration of the process, provided the impetus for my career change. I focus on employees as individuals, building a plan specific to their needs. My passion is to help people find the best value for their health insurance and making sure they understand how the coverage works.
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    For 20 years I was the GM of a luxury antiques store in Houston, working with designers and clients all over the country. My biggest headache at Carl Moore Antiques was health insurance which lead me to find a better solution when we closed that business. I wish I knew that I could have worked with a private health insurance agent back then but now I'm trying to spread the word. Whether I'm working with an individual, family, or a small company, I love helping people figure out one of the largest hurdles we all have to overcome.
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    Health Insurance Agent
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    I love spending time with my kids. Traveling, playing golf, finding great restaurants, and learning something new.
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    Anyone who is self employed, spouse/family who isn't covered by health insurance (paying too much), 1099 employees, small businesses, and early retirees who need coverage until they reach 65.
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    United States
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    Texas A&M University 1987-1991 and University of Houston 1991-1993
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    What has them looking?
    Are they wanting coverage for themselves, family, or business?
    Send me their name and cell phone or email.
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    I'd like to introduce you to my friend Chett Heitman. He will take a personal interest in finding the right health insurance plan for you and/or family and making sure you understand how the coverage works. If you have any questions about health insurance, please ask, he will take the time to advise you.