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    Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC
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    I’m passionate about helping others and leveling up the playing field for equality of opportunity. I also like to bring order out of chaos. Human resources consulting helps me achieve these goals. I help small and medium sized businesses create employee policies that are appropriate for their company's size so that they can move from chaos to a well-run, successful company.
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    I'm a lawyer who transitioned from giving legal advice to giving business advice. I now use my legal training and the years I spent working as an in-house lawyer to help small and medium sized companies understand how to comply with employment laws. I've worked for the federal government, Tennessee state government and several private sector businesses, mostly in the insurance industry. The scope of my work experience means that I know a little bit about a wide variety of industries which allows me to help more businesses.
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    Human Resources Consultant
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    CEO & Founder
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    I love history, particularly military history. I've studied World War II, World War I, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, WWI flying aces, and much more. I'm also a fan of soccer (the real football). To unwind, I do crossword puzzles.
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    CPA's, outsourced CFO's, and insurance agents (benefits producers) are my best referral sources.
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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville School of Law
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