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    Concierge Bookkeepers LLC
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    I have been blessed with the opportunity to run my own business and watch it grow. The best part of what I do though is allow business owners the freedom to do what they can to build their income without dealing with the mundane and time-consuming tasks of financials. My biggest desire is not only to free up a business owner’s time but to also help them to see where they can improve their finances and watch their businesses soar!
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    I was an Army brat, an Air Force wife, a widowed single mom, and now I'm an Army mom. I worked for 10 years as an EMT and then a Paramedic. I loved what I did. My whole life I have felt that I needed to help other people. As a Paramedic I was able to do that all the time and it was amazing. I knew that one day I would not be able to do that job physically anymore and, luckily, I began to prepare for that day by preparing for another job I knew I would love: bookkeeping. Wildly different and most people do not see how someone could shift from one to the other but bookkeeping is vitally important too. I get to help make sure that businesses survive. In this climate small businesses have to fight to survive. I'm here to make sure that they have the knowledge and the tools to make sure they can not just survive, but thrive.
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    I love nature, photography, travel, movies, reading, audiobooks, quilting, good food and dessert wines, quality time spent with family and friends.
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    Federal Way
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    A small business owner that does not enjoy working with the books, who would prefer to spend their time and energy doing what they do best making money for their business. An owner that understands the value in paying a professional to take care of the bookkeeping and even payroll tasks for them.
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    United States
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    Hutchinson Community College
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    Are you using a bookkeeping software?
    What is your budget for a bookkeeper?
    Do you have employees and use a payroll provider?
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    "I'd like to introduce you to Kerri. She has experience and a lot of resources available when she encounters something she is unfamiliar with but her best asset is that she truly cares about the businesses and business owners that she works with."