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(Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services) Silviya Bevzyuk

(Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services) Silviya Bevzyuk

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    PNW Universal Cleaning Services
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    PNW Universal Cleaning Services started in the spring of 2022. I had a dream to build a community in the work that we do. Integrity, honesty, customer service and trust, are very important to me.
    We don’t want to be just another cleaning company out there, we strive to build
    connections with the people we work with. We strive to provide better services with
    quality work that will make our clients satisfied and leave an impression on their
    We offer commercial and residential cleaning services. Each cleaning service can
    be customized to your individual need. We put pride in the quality of our work.
    Weather its tidying up a home, spring cleaning, moving in/out, post
    construction/remodel cleaning, office, or restaurant cleaning, etc., we have all the
    proper equipment and experience to do the job! Our cleaning products are all natural based,biodegradable products, unless otherwise specified or requested.
    We are dedicated to our clients and look forward to working with you!
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    Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services
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    Spokane, WA
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    United States
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