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    Spinnaker Property Management
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    I'm a local Pacific North West guy, who loves our community. Providing good, clean quality housing is my passion, and working with all the stakeholders in our industry to really transform affordable housing in America!
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    Who I am in the world is, The cause and the witness to your greatness! Ask my team members, they are working me out of my job!

    I love spending time with my family and driving my classic muscle car and motorcycles. If I'm not with my family or at the office, I'm probably traveling somewhere fun, new, and exciting.
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    Residential Real Estate Management
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    Founder / Designated Broker
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    I love to travel, ride my Harley and spend time with friends, family, and the Lord.
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    Look back and remember the conversation you had with a friend, family member, or business associate. Did they have complaints about the rental property they had? Did it sound something like, "I got a late-night call from my renter to fix a leak." or "These new rental laws are so confusing, how do I know what to do?" or "I have a vacancy, how much should I rent it for, it's been sitting too long. Those are the situations we handle daily and we handle those and more with urgency, professionalism, and deliver peace of mind to our clients. Ask them, Do They Want To Make More Money And Do Less? If their answer is yes, please connect us with a referral.
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    United States
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    When you refer a property owner to Spinnaker and they work with us. You will receive 10% of one months rent "$" as a grateful thank you.
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    United States Army
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    Would you like to make more money and do less?
    Imagine having passive income in your retirement years, to do and go anywhere you want.
    How knowledgeable are you with the new laws regarding landlords and tenants? Mark can keep you out of trouble, not get you out of trouble.
    Are you aware of how easy it is to get your first rental property investment?
    Do you want to work with someone who is active in the community and making a difference with the lack of affordable housing?
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    Please introduce us via email or text and share how you know each of us, with a reason why you have connected us.