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    OICleaning - A Commercial/Office Cleaning Company
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    Why Clean?

    Because I get to participate in my client's desire for a clean and pleasant work environment. That also means I help my clients maintain a clean and pleasant setting for their own customers. Not only am I the owner of OICleaning... I do my own cleaning! I genuinely love what I do. The best part of every clean is at the very end. When I've checked my work and I'm standing at the door - looking back on a job well done.

    Why NIA?

    Those truly successful in business are not only good at what they do and enjoy it, but they genuinely love to help others to grow. NIA helps with all of that. They provide access to others in business in way that is both recognizable and easy to master. There is no reason to NOT be successful in all of your business goals with NIA!
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    Creator, world-traveler, submarine warfare veteran. I'm in business to make people happy.

    On my own time, I enjoy comforting those in pain or in distress. To help those who are unable to help themselves. To help my closest smile and laugh.
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    Owner - OICleaning
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    History, geology, fiction writing, elderly care volunteer
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    Anyone who manages or owns an office and is unhappy with their current cleaning service or has never worked with a commercial cleaning company before.
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    United States
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    Receive one week free cleaning if you stay with OICleaning for at least 90 days
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    Bournemouth & Poole College
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    Would you like help providing a clean and pleasant work environment for yourself and your team?
    Would you like help providing a clean and pleasant space for your visiting customers/clients?
    Do you have questions or concerns about your current cleaning company?
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    Jon Barrett is a cleaning company owner who does most his own cleaning and loves what he does. He is always happy to answer your questions or address your concerns with your existing cleaning company.