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    LPL Financial
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    When I was 24 and gifted a small lump sum of money, and I knew it would be paramount to work with a professional and learn about what financial decisions would be best for me. Unfortunately, I quickly found that the financial industry as whole was happy to work with the upper class, but did not care to help anyone they deemed "low net worth", regardless of need. Soon after I was offered the opportunity to work independently under a company who's crusade involved spreading financial literacy to anyone and everyone. Not only was I able to take the reigns on my own financial plan, but I now help others to avoid the unfortunate experience of being belittled and left behind by the industry as whole, regardless of how much money someone has or where they are on their financial literacy journey. Teaching people how money works has truly become a passion I get to pursue every day, and I am so thankful to be able to make difference in other people's lives.
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    I became a licensed financial professional in August of 2014 after leaving a successful career as an exotic animal trainer. Although training animals remains a deep passion of mine, I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship in a way that would allow me to benefit people, myself and my family included. Today, I run an independent agency in which I find and develop new talent in the industry, as well as continue helping clients with personalized financial plans. I am originally from southern New Mexico (right on the border), and my heritage and upbringing affect me greatly to this day. I take great pride in having been raised in an environment of true diversity. I even have the symbol of the state of New Mexico tattooed on my back!
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    Financial Advisor
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    Investment Advisor Representative (Fiduciary)
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    The hobbies I am currently active in include ballroom dancing, horseback riding, skiing, volleyball, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, and frequent family trips to Disney World or any kind of cruises!
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    United States
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    New Mexico State University
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