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    Helping Us Help Her (HUHH)
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    My WHY is being able to have freedom of flexibility in my children and other young peoples lives; to support, invest and encourage them to know that they are enough, to keep believing in themselves and allow them to have room for error.
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    Ms. Dandreon Christian Gray has allowed her passion and purpose in life to surface to empower and inspire people. She is a native of Memphis, TN and currently resides in, Midlothian, TX. She is a graduate of Sam Houston High School in Arlington, Texas and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. She holds a 16-year Realtor license with Texas Association of Realtors. She’s worked as a Regional Manager for Chart One, where she managed 10 large hospital Medical Records Departments in the North Texas Region. She was the first Dallas County Health and Human Service Privacy Officer, Quality Assurance Coordinator and the first certified female Housing Inspector for Dallas County. She has worked for Dallas ISD as the Reset Coordinator, so engaging in people, students and community comes natural to her. She has worked for the City of Grand Prairie as the Coordinator for IMPACT Grand Prairie; in addition to receiving the City of Grand Prairie Chambers Woman of the Year award in 2019, Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation Non- Profit Grantee Award for 2 years and sustaining, Recognize Rotarian for her work in the community and a signed day of Proclamation by the Mayor of the City of Grand Prairie, TX, and State Representative Chris Turner for her work in the community with her organization. I am a dynamic, innovative and inspirational speaker and facilitator in leadership and educational training. I seek opportunities where I can bring my passion for excellence to inspire and motivate a group or individual to accomplish goals that impact both the organization and the community. My current role requires the ability to lead a small or large staff and work closely with senior leaders on Operations Management and vision development strategies. Furthermore, developing people into individuals of excellent character allows me to build and strengthen teams while ensuring that they are equipped and motivated to deliver organizational mission as a unit. However, her most priceless career endeavor was creating Helping Us Help Her (H.U.H.H). Helping Us Help Her is a non-profit organization that focuses on enriching and empowering teenage girls ages 13-18 to become confident young women capable of defining themselves, valuing their self-worth and set on the right path of achieving their goals and dreams in life. With Dandreon, as C.E.O. for the past 12 years, Helping Us Help Her has helped cultivate and change the lives of hundreds of young girls in the Dallas/Ft. Worth community. Through retreats, workshops, community service, fundraisers, domestic and teen dating violence awareness seminars, she provides a platform from girls to speak up and have their voices heard. She empowers them through her personal adversities in life to value your self-worth and be your authentic self.
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    Non profit director, Speaker and consultant in leadership and SEL training
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    Executive Director
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    Dandreon is a mother of 3, an avid traveler and enjoys a good cup of coffee and glass of red wine. Most weekends, you can find her bouncing around from one sports activity for one of her sons or attending a networking event on behalf of H.U.H.H.
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    A referral that keeps on referring.
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    United States
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    Open to Free and Fee scale speaking engagements
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    University of Texas at Arlington
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