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    I am passionate about creating value in both my personal and public space. Having embraced technology quite early and working in this field has enabled me to create innovative business solutions of which DigiBrochure ~ digital brochure (a unique marketing tool) exemplifies. I am consistent in my search to be/do better and be that catalyst for business growth in the foreseeable future.
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    I'm a easy going dude with lots of creative energy. I love the outdoors and an avid fitness enthusiast. My guiding principle is built around these 3 ethos ~ ideas, passion & excellence.
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    Digital Brochures
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    Chess, Music, Technology & Travel
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    Anyone or business that's looking to brand presence and growth
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    United States
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    We have special group discount on referrals
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    Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
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    What are you doing currently to market your business?
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    My name Prince Uluocha, I'm the CEO of 1on1Network, A Digital Marketing Company. I'm an Entrepreneur, and Project Manager with over 20 years of IT industry experience. My business specializes in providing innovative marketing solutions using a product called DigiBrochure ~ a unique marketing tool that allow you create customized messages that engage your target audience, boost sales and establish your brand authority.

    DigiBrochure gives your business and brand that competitive edge in today's crowded market space.

    If you're interested in learning more about DigiBrochure and how it can positively impact your marketing strategy, I'd love to share more. Here's a link to my calendar