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    God preordained the good works we are to do but so many Christians are bound by money that they can not do what God called them to do. In addition, Congress and Wall Street keep middle-class America ignorant about how money works and the truth behind retirement plans
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    I am married and currently have 7 children, my ministry is foster care and adoption. I also have 3 grandchildren (a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds) We recently moved to Galveston and life is "beachy" I am one of a very limited amount of certified college planners and my practice is full service helping people understand how to make money work
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    Financial Planning
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    Financial Planner
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    Church, Family, Detroit Lions, U of Michigan, the beach
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    I love working with families ideally with an income of 150k or above, anyone with High School-age children are great referrals, people 40-55 or just about to retire are great referrals
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    United States