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    US Health Advisors
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    I'm a licensed health insurance agent in 31 states. I have a passion for empowering, educating, and equipping individuals, families, and entrepreneurs to understand the health insurance landscape. This enables people to make informed decisions about health insurance options and find affordable PPO plans.

    I share proven health care solutions that are customized to every client’s needs and budget. In the past 5 years, I have advised thousands of throughout the United States, with the goal of serving 500 clients a year.

    No matter what type of healthcare coverage plan you have, l bet you simply want healthcare that is affordable with low or no deductibles and includes 24/7 coverage on and off the job. When you work with me, I take you through a process that is time-tested, proven, and guaranteed to achieve that goal.

    As your Health Advisor, I will:
    ✔ Assess your needs
    ✔ Research the health care and supplemental coverage options in your state
    ✔ Generate comparative quotes
    ✔ Review the options with you
    ✔ Use screen share technology to explain how the plan you select works
    ✔ Take your application for a private plan and submit it for approval
    ✔ Be your concierge health insurance agent for the life of your policy

    If you're ready for the peace of mind that comes with affordable 24/7 healthcare coverage, contact me at ☎602-793-9071 for a complimentary Strategy Session and receive a customized quote!

    A good referral for me is a:
    ★Divorce Attorney
    ★Tax Accountants
    ★Property & Casualty Insurance Agents
    ★Travel Nurses
    ★Owner Operators/truck drivers
    ★Franchise Owners
    ★Travel Healthcare Professionals - Surgical techs, LPN's, EMTs

    Families, Self Employed, Small Business ♦Sickness and Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Life, Dental Coverage, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance
    PLEASE CONTACT me using my email address or call
    ☎ 602-793-9071
  • About me
    Lisa started her career at IBM and help positions as a technical trainer, service manager and professional development manager. She started Paradigm Shifts Training & Development in 1995 and through it continues to be an international trainer and executive coach. Lisa has developed and delivered live and virtual training programs for Boeing, Microsoft, CDC, IBM, and many others.

    In 2017 Lisa became a licensed health insurance agent and found her skills as a trainer and facilitator very useful in terms of educating clients about their options. Because Lisa believes in the law of reciprocity she has a great reputation for coaching prospects through the health insurance landscape even when they are not eligible for the plans she offers.

    Lisa is active in the community and serve on the board of the Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce.

    Lisa resides in Jonesboro, GA with her husband of 14 years and they love comedy clubs, travel, golf and smooth jazz.
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    Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent
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    Senior Health Insurance Agent
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    bike riding, walking, comedy clubs, travel, golf and smooth jazz
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    Health individuals, families, small business with less than 50 people. People who have to find their own insurance like people who work on contract, 1099, Per Diem, locum tenens. Also people whose profession requires travel such as travel healthcare professionals (ie travel nurses, travel doctors, travel respiratory therapist, etc), truck drivers, real estate agents, entrepreneurs and franchise owners. Additional recruiters who place people in the listed positions.
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    Free 30-minute health insurance plan consultation/review
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    Walden University - Ph.D Candidate Management & Decision Sciences
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Have you secured your 20?? (22) Health, dental, and vision insurance?
    Would you like a portable nationwide health insurance plan that travel to any job and any state you go to?
    When would you be available for Free 30-minute health insurance plan review?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    This is senior agent Lisa Ann Landry. She will research your health insurance options and provide you with rates and recommendations. Then she will schedule a call with you to explain the plans so that you can find the best fit for your needs and budgets. In order for her to find the best rates she will be asking for you demographic information and health history.