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    Hawker Digital
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    I enjoy helping businesses grow by increasing their digital visibility and placing them in front of their target audience. Post high school I thought advertising was going to be my path but I also had ethical issues with the industry. Little did I know back then, there would be a new industry for businesses to advertise with a more ethical path. Digital marketing is about creating inbound targeted introductions using core business principles without having to embellish claims and walk ethical lines.
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    I have a family of three kids, two girls (both in college) and a boy (in middle school). A book is typically within arm's reach during the little spare time I have. Being active in multiple forms such as running, hiking, weightlifting, and multiple sports is a core principle I leverage daily. I am currently starting to learn the guitar and my music consumption outweighs my TV consumption probably ten to one. Additionally, I am a knowledge hound who listens to podcasts on a very regular basis as well.
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    Digital Marketing
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    Music, learning, stoicism and other philosophy, discussion of complex and often controversial topics, reading, and exercise.
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    Businesses that typically have a marketing budget, currently advertise in any form or those that want to leverage their website as a marketing tool and present more than just an electronic online brochure.
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    United States
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    I could be introduced as someone who has over a decade of digital marketing experience. My services are provided with no long-term contracts and a performance guarantee.