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    Kasey H. Martin Pinterest Marketing
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    I loved using Pinterest for personal use so when I was introduced to marketing a business on the platform I was floored. And I quickly realized that many entrepreneurs and small businesses were also not aware of the marketing capabilities and growth opportunities Pinterest presented for their business. Instead, they spend a lot of time on other platforms creating content that may never even be seen by their ideal audience and customer in an attempt to find leads. Since I have always enjoyed meeting new people and hearing about their journey and expertise, it was a natural leap to help educate business owners about Pinterest marketing and the gap it could fill in their marketing plan to increase growth.
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    I help entrepreneurs and small businesses leverage Pinterest as part of their social media marketing strategy. By optimizing your business account properly and implementing a strategic plan specific to your business and niche, along with my experience and results-driven work ethic, Pinterest is such a valuable platform to utilize for growth. Whether a business is looking to grow their email list, audience, brand recognition, leads or sales, Pinterest is an excellent top of funnel tool to help with that. I work to build trust and confidence with my clients and to be seen as a valuable part of their team who is just as invested in their growth. I believe in a work-life balance and want to help my clients achieve that by strategically integrating Pinterest into their marketing plan to save them time, money and energy.
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    Pinterest Marketing Strategist
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    Cooking, reading, health and wellness, traveling, spending time with family and friends, especially my kids' sporting events and learning new things. (Currently started taking tennis lessons.)
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    La Grange
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    An entrepreneur or small business that creates content regularly (blog, podcast, YouTube channel, educational videos, etc) or has a physical product and is looking to grow their email list, podcast downloads, audience, brand recognition or lead generation. A business that has outsourced before, has a marketing budget, values expertise and works well as a team.
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    United States
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    Illinois State University
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    Do you create content, have a digital product or physical product that you sell? What kinds of marketing do you currently do for your business? Do you have a Pinterest business account already?
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    Hi (name)! I wanted to introduce you to Kasey Martin, a Pinterest marketing strategist. I think it would be really beneficial for you to connect and talk about your business and marketing goals with her. She loves helping other entrepreneurs grow their business and network.