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    Talented Teen Club
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    Shawn Ho-Hing King
    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Super-Connector, Community Leader

    Shawn Ho-Hing King is a multi-talented, tour de force businesswoman with a strong desire to share her vast experience and wisdom with others. As a natural problem-solver and community leader in Palm Beach County, she is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Talented Teen Club (TTC), the fastest growing club in South Florida, focused on building self-esteem and brighter futures for teens; and Salon Café Incorporated (SCI), which provides a wide array of business and personal support services. A master stylist, whose salon has won “Salon of the Year,” in Jet Magazine and the author of Behind The Chair -The Ugliness of Beauty, Shawn Ho-Hing King’s impressive accolades also include being honored in 2018, by Legacy Magazine of South Florida, as one of South Florida’s Most Powerful and Influential Black Business Leaders.
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    Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author, Super-Connector, Community Leader
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    Volunteering and shopping
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    Women Business executives
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    United States