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    AFP Group
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    At The AFP Group, we believe in education above all else. More informed clients make better decisions. Our holistic approach focuses on first building a baseline of knowledge with our clients, and then partnering together to navigate life’s financial challenges and opportunities.
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    I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, I have a Bachelor’s in Business Management Logistics and Operations. After nearly two decades in leadership at various levels, most with a Fortune 50 company, I joined the AFP Group in 2021.

    My wife of 25 years and our two children have spearheaded several projects aimed at helping various communities. Some of these projects include a water drive that resulted in the collection, escorting, and personal distribution of over 4,000 cases of water to the citizens of Flint, Michigan, during the water crisis. After Hurricane Harvey, we helped coordinate a relief drive that resulted in a 24-foot box truck delivering various baby supplies and clothing to citizens in Houston, Texas. Additional relief efforts include shipping a cargo container packed with food, clothing, and medical & cleaning supplies to Puerto Rico provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Maria.

    By joining the team at The AFP Group, I see my new role as a way to continue my relentless support of the people in my community, by providing financial literacy and wealth management on a personal level.
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    Financial planning
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    Vice President of Administrative Affairs
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    If there is a number in your life that has a dollar or percent sign attached to it, and you would find value in ensuring said number is the best it can be, it is highly probably we can work together.
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    United States
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    Southern New Hampshire University
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    Financially speaking:

    Where are you now?
    Where do you want to be?
    Will your current route get you there?
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    Money touches virtually every aspect our lives. It is undoubtedly a daunting task top ensure every one of said areas are in the best alignment they can be for our individual goals. Fewer things outside of my family bring me more joy than to ensure that happens for my clients. Furthermore, the opportunity to educate families and help them create generational changes is a true blessing.