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    Tel-Affinity Corp.
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    I’m in this business because I love protecting small and mid-sized companies from high prices, low quality products and poor customer support. Simply put, I don’t like seeing companies pay for products and/or services they don’t need and I get great satisfaction when helping people find reliable solutions that address their specific challenges. It’s even more fun when I can reduce costs at the same time.
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    Energy and Water Efficiency Consulting and Sales
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    Hiking, sports, gardening,
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    NYU (BA), West Georgia College (MA)
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    Are you looking to lower your energy and/or water supply costs? Would you like to lessen your carbon footprint? Do you need to monitor the temperatures of your freezers, refrigerators, hot water pipes, etc? Would you like to install reliable EV Charging stations at your business?
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    I've partnered with a company that offers a portfolio of well-vetted energy & water management services that help businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs. Their portfolio includes Gas & Electric Procurement, Community Solar, LED Lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, Temperature & Refrigeration Monitoring, Water Leak Detection, and more. This is a vendor-neutral consulting firm that has been providing services to companies around the country for 31 years.