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    Fully Automated
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    Electronics has been a passion and hobby for my entire life. After retiring from the military in April of 2015, I started looking for ways to continue using my field experience in design, installation and operation of critical information, security and communication systems. I decided the best way to put my expertise to use would be to take my passion for technology and go into business with my family. I love the idea of supporting, protecting, and serving the local community. With Fully Automated I am able to use my 24 years of military experience to continue serving my country in a new capacity. I now keep my family and the local community safe through the installation and incorporation of affordable advanced technologies.
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    I'm a native Texan born and raised in SE Texas. I have a wonderful wife of 30 years with who i have 3 adult children and 8 grandchildren.
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    Technology Integrator
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    President / CEO
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    Electronics, Classic Cars, Motorcycles
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    Our perfect referral would be anyone that owns a home or business, or is in the process of having one built, who is looking to improve both their safety or comfort of living through the implementation of advanced technology.
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    United States
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    Liberty University
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    Are you concerned about the safety of your family or employees when your not there?
    Do you ever leave and wonder if you locked the door, closed the garage or turned off the lights?
    Have you heard strange noises outside at night and wondered if you should get out of bed to investigate?
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    Jason is a Technology Integrator with Fully Automated Custom Solutions, LLC that provides automated solutions for homes and businesses. Through automation they are able to provide both their residential and commercial customers safety, convince, control, comfort, security and peace of mind